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To Make Money On the Internet - One Over-Riding Rule

There are lots of ways to make money on the internet, but let's get several things straightened out first. It is just as difficult to make money on the internet as it is to make money with a "bricks and mortar" business, but on the internet, it is possible to get started with very little money. The ways to make money on the internet are as infinite as your imagination and if you combine those two points there is one absolute. Don't part with any money until you are certain about what you are purchasing.

I have found that the real, honest to goodness organizations that you can "joint venture" with, or work for, present their offers to you in a truly transparent manner. The best of the best, will grant you full access to their methods of conducting business online without any prerequisite for you to part with your money.

In your search for ways to make money on the internet, very often you will be presented with offers to be a re-seller. This means you buy information to sell on to others. Frequently, this information is about how someone has made hundreds of thousands of dollars, possibly millions of dollars, by using techniques obtained through purchasing an e-book for seemingly very little money. The impression is that the "up-side" is so massive as to make the purchase price appear trivial.

Take care. Commonly, the person selling the information has made a fortune using methods that exploit a loop-hole in a service. However, the service-provider maybe closing the loop-hole. You could be too late to gain any advantage using the tactics yourself and word may have spread, making it very difficult to sell the information onwards.

Always ask yourself why the person is offering this information to the public at large. After all, if the biggest businesses go to incredible lengths to keep their money making methods secret, don't you think that anyone who has successfully discovered how to make money on the internet would do the same. However, there are always exceptions.

Sometimes you can be a re-seller for a service, such as web-hosting, or an auto-responder for example. Such services are based on an ongoing subscription and may be linked to an affiliate program. In such circumstances, it is understandable to be offered the opportunity to be a re-seller. The person offering you the service will continue making money on your subscription and you will continue to make money on the internet for the lifetime of your customer's subscriptions.

Niche Markets - How To Make Money Publishing Ebooks

Although publishing niche ebooks is a proven and lucrative business model, you need to know where to look to find an exploitable market. Going about this the wrong way can be both disheartening and time-consuming.

However, in this article I will show you simple ways to find all the niche markets you could possibly use.

freekeywords.wordtracker. com is an amazing free resource. Go to the site and start typing in niche markets you are interested in. For example, if you have an interest in cats, type in ‘cats’. Then make a list of all sub-niches within the niche market of cats. These all have potential for you to exploit. is a great resource for finding niche markets you would never otherwise have thought of. Go to the web site and select ‘Books’. Type in a niche you would like to create a product for, e.g. ‘gardening’. Go through the results and write down all the niche markets that jump out at you.

Many people would say “How can I compete with Amazon?” Actually you are not competing – you are catering for a different market. When people buy a book from Amazon they have to wait for a physical product to be delivered. As an ebook publisher you will offer instant gratification – an info product via a download.

A bizarre thing about downloadable products is that they are seen to have a higher perceived value. You might be able to charge fifteen dollars for a book selling via Amazon. However if you sell a downloadable info product, you can charge up to fifty dollars. Crazy! is another fantastic research tool if you are looking to publish ebooks. There are loads of topics in their range of books. Search through their titles for general niches that interest you and jot down potential ebook topics. Article directories are one of the best ways to find subjects for ebooks. The directory Go Articles of one of many in which you can go to the site, search for a niche subject and get literally thousands of ebook ideas.

When visiting any of these sites, the most important thing is to make a huge list of potential topics, then go to and type in your topics. If there are at least five thousand people a month searching for information on the subject, you have just found an ebook topic which could generate a very lucrative home business.

A word of warning – don’t think you can put up a website, sit back and become rich. This is not a “get rich quick” scheme. However, if handled properly, ebook publishing can dramatically change your financial situation.

We are not aiming to create millionaires here. The idea is to create a network of mini sites that each make about 1K per month. An endless number of niche product ideas is the key, then all you need to do is create the product.

Yes, I know – it’s easy to say the ‘all you need to do’ is create a product. That’s the difficult bit, right? Actually, no – you don’t need to write a single sentence of your ebook. You can hire people to do that for you at Here you can hire freelance writers for around five hundred to seven hundred dollars to create the entire book for you.

You are not a writer – you are an internet marketer. Have one product created, set up pay per click campaigns, write a press release and publish a few articles on the internet about your ebook. Then have another product created, do the same, and another, and another, etc.

Wealthy entrepreneurs from around the world rely on multiple streams of autopilot income. Thanks to the internet and ebooks, anyone can set up streams of income that earns them money even while they sleep.

Work At Home Dads - Are You Getting Rich?

The Chances are that if you are reading this article, you are not quite there yet, but would like to be. The good news is that you can make a substantial income working from home.

Here is a list of tips that can help you find true wealth working from home.

Never forget that part of finding true wealth is to be found in the not so simple act of taking care of your children. Think of your children as your little dividends.

Then you must budget and schedule your time so that you allow for the effort you need to put in on your work at home business separate and apart from taking care of your children.

You need to develop the proper mindset that convinces you that you can be a success working from home. Don’t forget to remind yourself that you are entitled to be rich.

You should allow your good instincts to come into play when checking out various work from home opportunities. It won’t hurt to have a little faith in God’s hand in making this whole thing happen.

Don’t forget to check out any project you are interested in for positive or negative feedback on Google. It’s good to trust your instincts and have faith, but you also need to do some research.

Don’t invest in any online business that requires you to make a large upfront investment. You are investing your time and effort. That should be enough. People need to want you for who you are and what you can achieve.

Spend some time with your mate going over what you plan to do so that you are both on the same track. You will need all the support you can get. Also discuss your plans with close friends and relatives to get their opinion and enlist their support. That’s right, get out there and network by e-mail and on the phone.

Be sure you have adequate savings to handle the first three to six months while you are getting your work at home business to be profitable enough to provide you with a good income.

Don’t be afraid to look at new situations if all you are risking is your time and effort, but be careful not to waste your time on fly by night scams that promise you the moon.

This list could go on and on, and it is up to you to summarize what is important to you and focus on your goal of becoming successful working at home. If you really need it and you want it, you can find a way to get rich working at home on the Internet. You can do it.***

Learn and Earn As You Go - The 10 Best Shows of 2004 - FREE! Affiliate Marketing Training

There are certain affiliate principles that are common to all extremely successful affiliates. Successful Affiliate Program Marketing requires work Successful Affiliate Program Marketing requires financial investments. You must be willing to spend money to make money. You need to spend money onprofessional training resources, affiliate products for "first hand knowledge", a well-planned and executed website, and solid advertising and marketing strategies. If done properly, your investments will make you huge profits. .

Successful Affiliate Program Marketing requires constant traffic interested in your message and effective tracking methods. You must attract huge numbers that stay on your website to read your message. You need to know what methods work well and which are wasting your advertising dollar. Happy viewers from reliable sources bring you more sales.

Some of these principles may seem ridiculously obvious, but you would be amazed at how many affiliate marketers either. Successful Affiliate Program Marketing requires work.There are certain affiliate principles that are common to all extremely successful affiliates.

Setting up running and profiting from an Internet business takes more than just a web site, an e-mail account, and a computer. You need a plan of action, what direction are you going to go with your web site, what products will you promote, what other sources of revenue will you have, and many other factors will determine your success. Successful Affiliate Program Marketing requires work

Successful Affiliate Program Marketing requires ongoing familiarity with the latest strategies and techniques. You must keep up to date on the cutting edge in the industry. You need to never rest in your quest to be the best. Knowledge is power; power brings you more money. These principles are not plainly stated by these successful affiliates; rather, they are found as characteristics in their work, writings and interviews.

Got A Digital Camera? Make Extra Cash Simply By Taking Photos

I'd bet you'd be surprised to know that all you need to make some extra money is a digital camera. These days I don't know anyone who doesn't own a digital camera, especially here in Australia.

There are many sites out there that will pay you money to submit photos to them. The money ranges from $US0.10 for an "acceptable" quality photo right up to $US2.00 for a premium quality photo. But wait, there's more! Most sites will also pay you a royalty every time someone downloads your photo for their use, so there can be an ongoing trailing commission paid to you for each photo - this is generally about $US0.20. If your photo is a popular one then you can make a reasonable amount of money especially if you have a number of quality photos listed that are being downloaded.

This might not sound like much but if you do some simple math, it does add up. If you have at least 20 good photos that are premium quality and that are popular, you should be averaging about 50 downloads a week. This adds up to $US10 (50 x $0.20) per photo per week. So 20 photos are making you $US200 per week! This can be pretty good especially if you upload more than that. There are some photographers who have uploaded literally hundreds of photos to a site. And, most sites will let you upload the same photos to a number of sites so you could be getting much more than this!

You don't need any special equipment either, just a decent digital camera, and by decent I just mean one that does at least 3.2Megapixel images. These days you can't really purchase a camera thats less than 5-6Megapixels so you should be fine. You don't need an SLR camera either - any compact digital camera will do the job.

There's a few secrets to know if you want to make sure you are getting the most reward for your efforts - its not merely a case of just going out & taking whatever photos you like. Sure, you will make money doing this but the amount of trailing commissions could be limited as not as many people may want to use your photos. The key is to find out which photos are the most popular - by this I mean which keywords and key phrases gets searched the most & then go out & take photos related to this. Its also a good idea to see what photos are already loaded at the site to see if you can, at the very least, do similar or better yet find a way to make yours better or different. I have found that some of the most popular topics revolve around business and computers, because people who are creating their company websites want quality photos about business and computers that they can use. I'm sure you will be able to find other niches as well that may be popular.


  • One of the easier methods of making cash online;
  • You don't need a whole lot to get yourself going, just a digital camera (which most people already have), and the ability to take photos;
  • This can be a lot of fun - most people I know enjoy taking photos;
  • If you are particularly good at photography then you can make some good money as all your photos will get rated as premium quality and if you choose a good subject/keyword/key-phrase, your photos can be downloaded many times giving you some good ongoing cash;
  • You get to keep ownership of the photos meaning that you can upload the same photos to many sites increasing your chances of getting your photo downloaded thus increasing your trailing or royalty commissions;
  • A business you can easily do at home with the occasional trip out to take the photos
  • You can claim any holidays or any trips at all on tax if you simply take a few good photos there to make some money on. Its probably a good thing to take photos whilst on holidays, not just for tax reasons, but also because these may prove popular as they may not be as much competition for the photos you can take whilst on holidays
  • The potential amount of money you can make is not as large as other forms of online businesses like Affiliate Marketing or eBay selling
  • The amount of money you can make is limited by your time to take photos and can also be limited by your skill level in taking photos. Whilst you don't have to be a professional photographer to make money, those that take a better quality photo naturally make more than those that aren't able to.
For Australians:

There is no stopping any average Australian using this method to make extra income and if you are particularly good at photography then you stand a chance of making some good weekly money. You just need about 20 good photos of popular subjects to be making around $US200 per week just from the one site. Upload it to multiple sites and you could increase this to $US500+ per week which is pretty good extra money. Australians also have access to some of the nicest sceneries around so we have the opportunity to take some very good photos. At this stage I do not know of any Australian websites that offer this sort of payment for photos, but it really doesn't matter. There is no disadvantage to you to use sites in the US/UK. Its even better as you get paid in a stronger currency than ours.

Have a look around for the sites that accept this, there are quite a few.

The Ultimate Wealth Package Review - Money Making Idea Online

As soon as you reach the sales page of the Ultimate Wealth Package you might be blinded by the bold statement that says you can start earning money within an hour of time. With that said, is this to good to be true or does this package really deliver on what it says it does?

After reading through the sales page and noticing that the package offered a money back guarantee, I decided to purchase it to see if the package truly delivers.

Right now, The Ultimate Wealth Package is the #1 most sold online home business opportunity on the web today. The package includes many bonuses as much as 108 of them which are actually retailed at a price higher then the price of just the package alone. Along with those bonuses it offers a custom affiliate website that is valued at $400 for absolutely free of cost. The book is very easy to navigate through as it is also easy to understand and obtain the knowledge.

The course also offers a 24/7 live phone support line for free with the course just in case something seems confusing. There are also video tutorials to watch and learn from.

I believe that this course delivers the most out of all business opportunity's that I have reviewed The techniques presented in this course have a lot of potential to make a good income online. Some of the subject areas that the package goes over are Affiliate Marketing, Google, Clickbank, Adwords, Adsense, and EBay as well as much more.

There was something that I found to be something false about this course which was the fact that it claims to teach you to make money in the first hour. I realize that the creator is trying to sell the product and sometimes has to exaggerate a bit, but I along with many others weren’t able to make money that fast. It takes on average about 2-3 hours for people with this course to make money online.

If the proper dedication is applied to this course then there will be no problem with finding success. The more time you put into your online business the more that will come out of it and the sky is the limit.

A Home Based Business, Is This What You Really Want

Most people would like to have more money, and many people would like to be able to create a full time income from the comfort of their homes. One of the reasons many people do not get a home based business started is that it must be done part time until it is profitable enough to produce the income needed for an individual to be able to quit his or her day jobs. The trouble is, not many of these people think they can fit "a second job" into their time schedules. Often, people who would like to be at home are mothers who work outside the home, and these individuals often have trouble fitting anything into their schedules beyond working all day and caring for their families in the evening.

While it is that most people have very busy lives, extra time for some sort of home-based extra income-producing project can almost always be found. Finding extra time may mean sacrificing a pleasurable activity for the short term; an activity like having a cup of coffee with friends or "keeping up" with your favorite television show. The ultimate goal is, as we know, to be able to have time in abundance for all of these favorite activities. But at first, in order to become successful working from home, some activities will be set aside.

The first thing to do is to sit down with pencil and paper, or if you prefer, a program on your computer or PSA, and write out your daily schedule. What time do you usually get up? Does it change for different days? Then step-by-step, list everything you do each day. Most people, to their surprise, find that they have about three hours each day that can be utilized in a more constructive manner. As we've noted, this may mean giving up a couple of pleasurable activities for the short term.

Efficient time management means planning what you're going to do, and then doing it without backtracking. Start by making a list of the things you want to do tomorrow, each evening before you go to bed. Schedule your trips to the store and other errands to coincide with the other things you have to do, and with your trips to or from work. Organize your trips to take care of as many things as possible while you're out of the house. Take stock of the time you spend standing around shooting the breeze - especially the time you spend on the telephone - and eliminate all that isn't completely necessary. You may want to notify your friends that you are setting up a home based business, and let them know that you will be making some time for friends in your life.

Whatever chores you have to do at home, set aside a specific time to do them, and a specific amount of time to you will be devoting to them. For instance, just one hour a day devoted to yard work will make a large difference in how your property looks to the neighbors. Don't try to do a week's worth of work in one big flurry. Whether it's painting your house, fixing leaky faucets, or mowing your lawn and trimming your shrubs, do a part of it, or one particular job each day, and you'll be amazed at how much you've gotten done.

Take care of all your mail the day you receive it. Don't let those bills and letters pile up; and don't save them until "the weekend". If you're unable to pay a bill immediately, file it in a special place that's visible, and note on the envelope the date you intend to pay it. Answer your letters the same day you get them.

The important thing is to think of time as your most valuable asset, because it is. So organize! Decide what you have to do, and what you want to do. From there, it's just a matter of arranging priorities. Franklin Covey offers an entire day seminar about time management and setting up your priorities. All of their planners and day timers are designed to help the user plan and execute his or her time effectively. If you have the time and money, this seminar can truly change your life and the way you look at planning.

Once you start listing and prioritizing what you want to do, and then carry out your plans, you'll find plenty of "extra time" for handling virtually any kind of home-based income-producing project. A lot of people may not like routines or schedules, but without some sort of plan as to what is supposed to be done, no one would get much of anything done. The better we can organize ourselves, the more productive and happy we become.

The secret of all financially successful people is simply that they are organized and do not waste time. Think about it. Review your own activities, and then see if you can't find a couple of extra hours in each day for more constructive accomplishments.

When you begin planning, and then when you really become involved in an extra in come-producing endeavor, you should work it exactly as you have organized your regular day-to-day activities - on a time-efficient basis, with your schedule planned out in advance. Do what has to be done immediately. Don't try to get done in an hour something that's realistically going to take a week. Give yourself executable time limits, so that you do not get discouraged by not being able to get it all done. Plan out on paper what you have to do - what you want to do - and when you are going to do it. Then get right on each project without procrastination.

Finally, (and this is very important) when you're organizing your time and your business, be sure to set aside some time for relaxation. It is vital that you schedule time when you and your spouse can be together. You must not involve yourself in anything to an extent that you exclude other people - particularly your loved ones - from your life. You may want to inform them that you will be giving up some "extra" activities for now so that you can get your home business off the ground, but let them know that you will still have time for them.

Taking stock of the time you waste each day, and reorganizing your activities is what it's all about. It's a matter of becoming more efficient in the use of your time. It's actually quite easy to do, and you will not only accomplish a lot more, you will also find greater fulfillment in your life, because you will be accomplishing something you've always wanted to do; work from home or bring in extra money for those things you've always wanted.

Why a Good Home Office Setup is Essential for Work From Home Entrepreneurs

More and more people are working from home today. The urge and desire to work from home is growing by leaps and bounds as people begin to realize the importance and the need to spend more time with the family.

Unfortunately many home business entrepreneurs working from home often complain of discomfort, pain, injury or fatigue because certain important factors have been ignored, neglected or overlooked when setting up the Home Office. Poor equipment layout and thoughtless layout are the main culprits for excessive strain on certain parts of the body such as the frequently used muscles in the hand, neck and back.

We certainly cannot ignore the fact that ergonomics defined as “The applied science of equipment design, as for the workplace, intended to maximize productivity by reducing operator fatigue and discomfort." plays a very vital role in setting up your home office. With the proper implementation of Home Office ergonomics you can work from home in a relaxed manner, avoiding excessive strain, fatigue and saving on medical bills.

When you work from home using the computer, you are bound to spend several hours seated on your chair. It stands to reason that your chair has to take pride of place in your Home Office setup. The chair has to be comfortable. You will need a swivel chair that has an adjustable height, adjustable backrest with lumbar support and preferably with arms.

Another key factor that plays a significant role in causing muscular aches and pains is the keyboard. This pain is often noticed in your wrist and forearm. The keyboard should be placed at a lower level than the desk in a sliding tray thereby reducing the strain on your wrist and forearm. This aspect is often overlooked by most computer users thus causing a lot of hardship, pain and discomfort.

The computer monitor should be placed at the proper height so that you do not strain your neck when you work. If you are using a laptop it will be wise to have an external keyboard and mouse since working for long hours on the laptop keyboard can be strenuous.

When you work from home especially as an Internet Marketer, a good Computer with a large hard disc, a quick processor and a quality keyboard and screen are very essential

Your home office is a new creation after you made a decision to work from home. This could be in a room or in a corner of your house and the chances are that the lighting might be inadequate. Natural light no doubt is ideal for work but when that is not possible special care should be taken to ensure that your work area is properly illuminated. Improper or insufficient lighting can cause eye strain, headache and fatigue resulting in loss of efficiency.

Once the basics have been set up the other paraphernalia such as a telephone, fax machine, printer, filing cabinet, trays and shelves should be placed within easy reach and without obstructing movement.

Noise and fluctuations in temperature in and around your home office can be very annoying and irritating. All modifications and adjustments have to be made to ensure that you are able to concentrate and work without being distracted by these problems.

Your home office is the place where you are going to spend several hours a day. Ensure that you will be comfortable and happy working from home. Create an environment that will inspire, motivate and stimulate you to make your home business dream come true.

Data Entry Exposed

I believe everyone who is searching for ways to make money online is familiar with the following phrases. Fill in forms for online companies and get paid or fill in simple ads for companies and make $250-$1450 a day form your own computer. Now that sounds nice and it seems fairly simple to do it. When I first saw these ads, I thought that the only thing that is required is administrative work. For example I thought you get online forms that you need to complete or you enter simple data as the ads suggest and you email it to the various companies and you get paid. When I bought the business I discovered the truth.

The bottom line is that data entry is just another word for affiliate marketing. However you pay to become an affiliate. If the sales letter said it entails affiliate marketing, I wonder how many people would purchase these opportunities? So why are so many people interested in data entry. Is it the ways the sales letters are written or does people know from the start what data entering is? I mean why should people pay to become affiliates. Why don’t people just select products from a market place or the search engines and simply sign up to become affiliates? You see if you knew what you are buying it should not be such a big deal. But if you thought you are buying one thing and it turns out to be something completely different, then it does not go down so well. So let us see how you are getting value for your money.

Lets look at the first scenario. You decide to search for companies and join their affiliate programs. The first fact that you have to consider is whether the owners of this particular product you would like to promote will provide tools or strategies to help you be successful. The second fact is whether this program have reach saturation point in the market. If the whole world is promoting the same product it will not make much sense if you also jump on the same bandwagon. In other words you can’t just become an affiliate without any knowledge.

The second scenario is you do decide to do data entry. Most important you know what data entry entails. When I decided to do data entry one thing I noticed of this particular company, was that they provided all the tools you are going to need. Even the so-called forms that you have to fill in for the pay per click campaigns are already filled in. All you have to do is submit them to search engines. The only thing you must not expect from them is to pay the advertising. They provide you with access to the top companies. Whether you decide to use classified ads, submit articles, press release or ezine letters, everything is provided. That kind of service is worth paying for in the end, simply because the average newbie does not understand marketing on the Internet. It takes time to develop the skills necessary to make a success online. The abundance of opportunities and the overload of information are very overwhelming at first. If you consider data entry, make sure that the company you choose is willing to guide you every step of the way.

Work From Home Idea For You

ow's the right time for you to setup and run your own legitimate E-Business franchise right from the comfort of your own home. Your search should begin with a home based business opportunity that has been designed for someone who is searching to start their own business from home. It should be simple to run, has on going support, where you can make a tremendous amount of income and most importantly has no out of pocket expense to start.

Just think about the many rewards of owning your own legitimate E-Business franchise!

Realize Your Dreams!

Maybe it's an early retirement, a new home, to be debt free, more income, more free time, or spend more time with your family. Having your own E-Business franchise holds the key.

Flexible Schedule!

Like anything in life you will be rewarded according to what you put into your E-Business franchise. But you can work around your family and a busy schedule.

Unlimited Income Potential!

Tired of earning what the boss feels you are worth. When you own your own E-Business franchise you can decide what you want to earn.

Your family comes first!

Wouldn't it be great to be there when your kids get home from school?Would you like to never miss another ball game or dance recital?

Working from home with your own E-Business franchise has many rewards!

If this sounds like something your interested in, an opportunity like may be your solution. Now I am telling you from experience. I have tried many different home based business opportunities available and have found none that provided the level of income I have found with EProfitSource.

Their opportunity is really quite simple, selling real world products. You simply choose the types of products that you would like to sell, it can be anything, electronics, jewelry, fragrances just about anything that you like. One of their online power marketing consultants will then do the product research for you. They'll show you the right items to pick, the right price to sell it at and most importantly, where to buy them at wholesale prices.

Then they will show you how to literally turn your business into an on demand, cash-generating income machine.

Just think about what it can do for you, your own legitimate EPS work from home business.

** It's an opportunity where you keep 100 percent of the profits !!

** Gain access to thousands of the hottest selling items!

** No shipping worries - It's all done for you!

** Products are drop shipped directly to your customers.

** Create a custom webstore to help you promote your Items.

** Work when you want. You'll be able to work anytime or anywhere you like!!

** Unlimited support for one Year.

** You'll be in a position of achieving financial independence for the rest of your life!!

What kind of income can you expect with a EPS work from home business.? How about an unlimited one!

That's the great thing of having access to high demand items in unlimited quantities where you can sell multiple products through a single auction promotion, allowing you to leverage your time to create the highest returns!

The Internet has untold wealth to offer those who are willing to find their opportunity. Don't make the same blunder hundreds of people make every day by not following your dreams and starting your own legitimate E-Business franchise today!