Thursday, July 12, 2007

Data Entry Exposed

I believe everyone who is searching for ways to make money online is familiar with the following phrases. Fill in forms for online companies and get paid or fill in simple ads for companies and make $250-$1450 a day form your own computer. Now that sounds nice and it seems fairly simple to do it. When I first saw these ads, I thought that the only thing that is required is administrative work. For example I thought you get online forms that you need to complete or you enter simple data as the ads suggest and you email it to the various companies and you get paid. When I bought the business I discovered the truth.

The bottom line is that data entry is just another word for affiliate marketing. However you pay to become an affiliate. If the sales letter said it entails affiliate marketing, I wonder how many people would purchase these opportunities? So why are so many people interested in data entry. Is it the ways the sales letters are written or does people know from the start what data entering is? I mean why should people pay to become affiliates. Why don’t people just select products from a market place or the search engines and simply sign up to become affiliates? You see if you knew what you are buying it should not be such a big deal. But if you thought you are buying one thing and it turns out to be something completely different, then it does not go down so well. So let us see how you are getting value for your money.

Lets look at the first scenario. You decide to search for companies and join their affiliate programs. The first fact that you have to consider is whether the owners of this particular product you would like to promote will provide tools or strategies to help you be successful. The second fact is whether this program have reach saturation point in the market. If the whole world is promoting the same product it will not make much sense if you also jump on the same bandwagon. In other words you can’t just become an affiliate without any knowledge.

The second scenario is you do decide to do data entry. Most important you know what data entry entails. When I decided to do data entry one thing I noticed of this particular company, was that they provided all the tools you are going to need. Even the so-called forms that you have to fill in for the pay per click campaigns are already filled in. All you have to do is submit them to search engines. The only thing you must not expect from them is to pay the advertising. They provide you with access to the top companies. Whether you decide to use classified ads, submit articles, press release or ezine letters, everything is provided. That kind of service is worth paying for in the end, simply because the average newbie does not understand marketing on the Internet. It takes time to develop the skills necessary to make a success online. The abundance of opportunities and the overload of information are very overwhelming at first. If you consider data entry, make sure that the company you choose is willing to guide you every step of the way.

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