Thursday, July 12, 2007

To Make Money On the Internet - One Over-Riding Rule

There are lots of ways to make money on the internet, but let's get several things straightened out first. It is just as difficult to make money on the internet as it is to make money with a "bricks and mortar" business, but on the internet, it is possible to get started with very little money. The ways to make money on the internet are as infinite as your imagination and if you combine those two points there is one absolute. Don't part with any money until you are certain about what you are purchasing.

I have found that the real, honest to goodness organizations that you can "joint venture" with, or work for, present their offers to you in a truly transparent manner. The best of the best, will grant you full access to their methods of conducting business online without any prerequisite for you to part with your money.

In your search for ways to make money on the internet, very often you will be presented with offers to be a re-seller. This means you buy information to sell on to others. Frequently, this information is about how someone has made hundreds of thousands of dollars, possibly millions of dollars, by using techniques obtained through purchasing an e-book for seemingly very little money. The impression is that the "up-side" is so massive as to make the purchase price appear trivial.

Take care. Commonly, the person selling the information has made a fortune using methods that exploit a loop-hole in a service. However, the service-provider maybe closing the loop-hole. You could be too late to gain any advantage using the tactics yourself and word may have spread, making it very difficult to sell the information onwards.

Always ask yourself why the person is offering this information to the public at large. After all, if the biggest businesses go to incredible lengths to keep their money making methods secret, don't you think that anyone who has successfully discovered how to make money on the internet would do the same. However, there are always exceptions.

Sometimes you can be a re-seller for a service, such as web-hosting, or an auto-responder for example. Such services are based on an ongoing subscription and may be linked to an affiliate program. In such circumstances, it is understandable to be offered the opportunity to be a re-seller. The person offering you the service will continue making money on your subscription and you will continue to make money on the internet for the lifetime of your customer's subscriptions.

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