Thursday, July 12, 2007

Niche Markets - How To Make Money Publishing Ebooks

Although publishing niche ebooks is a proven and lucrative business model, you need to know where to look to find an exploitable market. Going about this the wrong way can be both disheartening and time-consuming.

However, in this article I will show you simple ways to find all the niche markets you could possibly use.

freekeywords.wordtracker. com is an amazing free resource. Go to the site and start typing in niche markets you are interested in. For example, if you have an interest in cats, type in ‘cats’. Then make a list of all sub-niches within the niche market of cats. These all have potential for you to exploit. is a great resource for finding niche markets you would never otherwise have thought of. Go to the web site and select ‘Books’. Type in a niche you would like to create a product for, e.g. ‘gardening’. Go through the results and write down all the niche markets that jump out at you.

Many people would say “How can I compete with Amazon?” Actually you are not competing – you are catering for a different market. When people buy a book from Amazon they have to wait for a physical product to be delivered. As an ebook publisher you will offer instant gratification – an info product via a download.

A bizarre thing about downloadable products is that they are seen to have a higher perceived value. You might be able to charge fifteen dollars for a book selling via Amazon. However if you sell a downloadable info product, you can charge up to fifty dollars. Crazy! is another fantastic research tool if you are looking to publish ebooks. There are loads of topics in their range of books. Search through their titles for general niches that interest you and jot down potential ebook topics. Article directories are one of the best ways to find subjects for ebooks. The directory Go Articles of one of many in which you can go to the site, search for a niche subject and get literally thousands of ebook ideas.

When visiting any of these sites, the most important thing is to make a huge list of potential topics, then go to and type in your topics. If there are at least five thousand people a month searching for information on the subject, you have just found an ebook topic which could generate a very lucrative home business.

A word of warning – don’t think you can put up a website, sit back and become rich. This is not a “get rich quick” scheme. However, if handled properly, ebook publishing can dramatically change your financial situation.

We are not aiming to create millionaires here. The idea is to create a network of mini sites that each make about 1K per month. An endless number of niche product ideas is the key, then all you need to do is create the product.

Yes, I know – it’s easy to say the ‘all you need to do’ is create a product. That’s the difficult bit, right? Actually, no – you don’t need to write a single sentence of your ebook. You can hire people to do that for you at Here you can hire freelance writers for around five hundred to seven hundred dollars to create the entire book for you.

You are not a writer – you are an internet marketer. Have one product created, set up pay per click campaigns, write a press release and publish a few articles on the internet about your ebook. Then have another product created, do the same, and another, and another, etc.

Wealthy entrepreneurs from around the world rely on multiple streams of autopilot income. Thanks to the internet and ebooks, anyone can set up streams of income that earns them money even while they sleep.

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